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The Premier Recruitment Group Limited Board is determined to meet their moral, legal, ethical and humanitarian responsibilities.

This statement applies to all permanent and flexible employees, temporary workers and contractors  and suppliers engaged from time to time by the Premier Recruitment Group Limited or any its subsidiary companies (Premier).

This statement recognises several elements that together constitute the principles of Ethical Trading:

Which are applied within across Premier in accordance with the particular legislation applicable in the countries within which it operates.

Clear and fair employment practices

Fair remuneration

Safe and hygienic working conditions

Equal Opportunities

Freedom from harassment

Employee development

Freedom of Association

Environmental considerations

Anti‐Fraud and Corruption

Money Laundering

Premier Recruitment Group Limited is committed to complying with all legal and regulatory requirements designed to combat money laundering activity, the funding of terrorist or criminal activity and the reporting of actual or suspected cases in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

If you have any concerns / queries regarding this statement, please contact a member of Premier’s HR department.